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About Energy Estimator: Nitrogen Tool

Energy Estimator is an energy consumption awareness tool. This particular tool, Energy Estimator: Nitrogen helps you identify costs based on your crops and Nitrogen fertilizer application practices. The Energy Estimator: Tillage concentrated on diesel fuel used in the production of selected crops across common tillage systems in your area. The Energy Estimator: Irrigation estimates and compares energy consumption for different irrigation systems, and the Energy Estimator: Animal Housing identifies energy conserving opportunities and estimates potential energy savings in 3 different types of animal housing systems. These tools are intended to give you an idea of the magnitude of energy savings that you could incur under different management systems.

Steps to use the Energy Estimator: Nitrogen Tool

Step 1: Getting Started

Step 2: Crops and Fertilizers

Step 3: Application Methods

Step 4: Alternatives


Why these crops?

What is commercially purchased N?

How were estimates made?

What are the assumptions?

Want a more accurate estimation?

Application Method Definitions



 Form of Nitrogen:

 Enhanced Efficiency Product:

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